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August 11, 2017


Laurie Seymour

#1 International bestselling author, Illuminator and Master Teacher, Laurie Seymour, M.A., has dedicated her life to showing you how to reliably connect with your energetic inner wisdom, dissolving self-doubt. Because once you have this inner connection firmly anchored, you’ll have the confidence and direction to manifest your big-picture vision. After leaving her career as a psychotherapist, she spent over 20 years doing inner research with a Master and a small group of intrepid explorers, exploring the full manifestation of human potential through receiving new energy systems.

Laurie founded The Baca Journey to bring this work to the world.

As Turaya Grand Master, Laurie teaches Turaya Touch and Turaya Meditation online and around the world. Get her free Illumination Journey Bundle, including 7-Awareness Provoking Experiences. Learn to navigate life’s changes with greater clarity. 

You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.


Gitanjali Hemp

Master Energy Healer, Consciousness Awakening Guide, and Founder of Syntara System. I help Change Makers, Visionaries and Wisdom Keepers to Upgrade, and Up-Level in all areas of your being and life to increase your capacity for Impact, Meaningful Contribution, Abundance and Joy. I help you to bridge who you are now, with who you are becoming, in order to bring forth the world you know is possible. I have spent years studying with masters and teachers of some of the worlds richest spiritual traditions and most cutting edge healing modalities. I have been in active practice for over 18 years. 

Through Virtual Programs, Professional Trainings, Retreats and 1:1 sessions; I offer tools, techniques and perspectives to help you find stability, harvest opportunity and access your unique brilliance at will, during these most unprecedented and rapidly changing times. 

Aparna Sain

Aparna has served in Executive roles including Advisor for the European Commission (EIT Digital) and Fellow for President Obama’s Entrepreneurship Initiative working for the US State Department, traveling around the World to speak and inspire Entrepreneurs.  She has worked with global Startups and built out the Venture business for a company called Gartner at the peak of her career in Silicon Valley. 

After the market crash of 2008, Aparna found herself going back to her birth roots of India to find a deeper purpose and meaning in her life.  She spent months in an Ashram in South India over several years and then got her certification for teaching yoga and meditation in Rishikesh (the birth place of yoga).

She is passionate about sharing the profound transformative impact that ancient eastern spiritual wisdom and yoga have, including kriya, breathwork, mantra, asana and meditation, for the modern world.  She lives to spread the light of consciousness and inspire passion and happiness around the World.  

You can reach Aparna at aparna@beCorporateYogi.com


Marianne McGuire

Marianne invites seekers to discover who they really are; their Deeper Destiny™ by connecting to and living from the Light, from Awareness, so that they can stand in their own power and express their truth and finally live the fulfilling life they long to live.
Marianne’s work comes from a direct experience of “being” Awareness; a connected state of Oneness with all. When she was six years of age, she received certain fundamental universal truths about this reality; about how life works, the nature of time and polarity; that there exists something so far beyond this physical reality, so inexplicably beautiful, even beyond our idea of heaven, and that it is all around us and within us. She knew that this physical reality where we live our everyday lives is only the tiniest part of what is true (this is why the foundation of her work; the key to a fulfilling life of freedom is to place your attention on this truth – on your light, and no longer on the struggle that you have been experiencing).
This pure “information” is facilitating her mission; to nudge you into remembrance of the magnificence of who you really are, so that you can live from freedom, ease, peace, and joy… be yourself and live the life you were born to live.
(No matter where you are in the world, you can work with Marianne as her Program/One to One Sessions are carried out virtually.)
Complimentary Gift: If you would like to sign up for Marianne’s Complementary Video Series: The Three Stages of Awareness, please click www.letgoandknow.com.

Contact: info@LetGoAndKnow.com


Carolyn Turner

I graduated at the age of 22 with a degree in Comparative Religion from a small, private liberal arts college in the Pacific Northwest. There was a recession and I was desperate to find a job, any job. Eventually and with much gratitude I got a lucky break and was hired as a secretary at a cell phone company. This became a rewarding career in engineering/operations in the cell phone industry.

Nearly twenty years later and with a lot of growth, I accomplished way more than would have thought possible! It was time to create the next phase of my life and a new way to contribute.

With the Carolyn Turner Company I get to weave together my degree with nearly two decades of business experience into a unique approach to business success. I start with a rock solid understanding of business fundamentals, and couple that with fundamental truths and an appreciation for the basic human need to connect with something greater than ourselves.

I have a great respect for the huge variety of ways that people contribute to work, and an appreciation for how people can come together to create powerful results that no one person could do on their own. Combining these elements makes business as an exciting place to be! I help business owners combine teams with different skills and experience to create truly remarkable things in the world.

Sabrina Fritts

A rollover accident catapulted Sabrina from her typical stress-filled life of overworked and under-appreciated wife, mother and HR Manager, onto a path of self-discovery and exploration. Knowing she was here for a reason and armed with a bucket list from her angels, a list of things to do before she goes back, Sabrina rediscovered the purpose to life – we’re here for the joy of it.

Sabrina traded in her socially acceptable job and traveled internationally to teach and facilitate healing sessions for others. Accessing higher-level frequencies to clear resistance and align to an authentic expression, leads to a joyful life purpose.

Listen in as she shares stories that demonstrate the miracles and magic that occur through Living in Alignment. You’re invited to experience Joyful Freedom  with Sabrina on the 5th of every month and connect with her at www.SabrinaFritts.com.