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Stepping Inside Yourself. The Compass Within series, part 1 with Laurie Seymour

July 22, 2017

Knowing how to step inside yourself for reflection, exploration and direction is the foundation of connecting with the compass within you. In today's episode Laurie talks about:

- What is the Compass Within? And why is it so important to the quality and direction of your life?

- What is meant by "inner knowing"?

- What gets in the way of using the compass within for making decisions and course-correcting?

- How to pay attention to what your body knows is true.

Listen until the end, when Laurie invites you to join her live online for a free experience of The Compass Within: Stepping Inside Yourself on August 2nd. Register Here  http://thebacajourney.com/the-compass-within-introduction/ 

PS: After August 2nd, you can still listen in to this intro. When you register, you'll be sent a link to download the session.

You can find Laurie online at www.thebacajourney.com