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Conversation with Felina Danalis on Spiritual Fitness

August 19, 2016

Honoring mind-body-spirit is no buzzword for Felina Danalis. For her, it's nothing less than her life's work. After serving for years in international development at places like the World Bank, and consulting in the sustainability industry in Europe, she witnessed a traumatic car bombing while working in the field. This was her breaking-open moment. Since then, cultivating her own spiritual fitness and helping others to do the same has been her passion, her calling and her business. 

It was Felina's birthday when we recorded this! Listen as we explore...
  • the depth of what it means to be spiritually fit
  • the liminal spaces---in-between what is and what will be
  • Felina's retreats in Greece
  • what ancient cultures can teach us for thriving in the modern world
Discover more about Felina at www.felinadanalis.com.  

With...Laurie Seymour