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Conversation with Melanie DewBerry on Our Indigenous Nature

August 26, 2016


Melanie DewBerry works with people to help them remember who they are in their highest most holy self. She weaves together her Native American Wisdom with her highly attuned intuition to help people reach their own spiritual alchemy. 

Listen in as Melanie shares with us what she means by 'Indigenous Nature'. 


Join us as we discuss how our sense of value and self-worth is intrinsically connected to our sense of belonging. And when we begin to realize and embody that we belong to the earth, that we belong to one another, that the essence of who we are is intricately and inextricably interconnected and woven into the tapestry of all of creation, we tap into limitless potentials that support us in our most brilliant unfolding.

Melanie has been a coach for 18 years and was a leader with the coaches training institute for 10. She has taught coaching around the world including to inmates in 2 prison systems. She now works with private clients who want mores spiritual agility, purpose and meaning. She has given 2 Ted talks including the 'Power of Naming' which is also the title of her forthcoming book with Hay House.

Find out more at www.melaniedewberry.com

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