Conscious Parenting with Marianne McGuire

August 5, 2017

Join host Marianne McGuire of Let Go and Know as she shares tips on parenting consciously so that life for both child and parent (relation or caregiver) can be easier and lighter.

While fully acknowledging there's more than one way to parent consciously, Marianne explores:

  • The benefits of allowing a child to experience the natural flow of emotions.
  • The impact of the words we speak and how to use words to condition in a positive way so that children can blossom.
  • The benefits of making mistakes.
  • A helpful tip on how to speak to a child about money if you're experiencing financial difficulty.
  • A solution around time if you feel torn between parenting and work.
  • The benefits of giving a child power, of praising, discipline, being present with them and what you can do to help yourself as a parent/grandparent/caregiver...


With... Marianne McGuire of Let Go and Know.