Wisdom Talk Radio

Conscious Space Design: A Conversation with Judith Tamarah

August 14, 2018

Join host Laurie Seymour of The Baca Journey for a dynamic conversation with Judith Tamarah about the spaces in which we live and work.

Our environment tells us a story of who we are and who we think we are. We can consciously create the immediate environment of where we work to support an abundant and spacious expression of ourselves.

Judith Tamarah works with people who are transforming and stepping more fully into their power, who they are, and who they want to become. She helps you figure out where your desk should go, what color to paint your walls, and all of the little details so that you feel more at ease, totally at home and completely held by your office.

She holds a Masters Degree in Interior Architecture at the University of Oregon and is certified in Design Psychology.

"I can feel in their vibration what is opening on a soul level, and I follow that path---the soul resonance----in the design."

If your office or workspace feels funky---and not in a good way---you can invite Judith to take a fresh look at your work space and get insights on how to bring your office into greater alignment with who you really are.


A Gift! To sign up for a complimentary Fresh Look session, visit her website, www.judithtamarah.com. Judith works with you virtually so she can help you create your perfect work environment no matter where you live.

Laurie Seymour is the founder of The Baca Journey and co-host of Wisdom Talk Radio.