Vulnerability: 4 Myths and the Key to Claiming Your Truth with Laurie Seymour

May 27, 2017

Join host Laurie Seymour of The Baca Journey as she explores the human experience of vulnerability, first bringing to light 4 myths that keep you from a deeper experience of self-realization. Vulnerability is the Universe's invitation to you to take your next step. 

Laurie says: "It’s not the state of vulnerability that feels so scary. It’s your resistance to it and fear of it that create the disharmony."

Vulnerability usually accompanies change. Change opens you to what is new, the next destination on your journey.


With Laurie Seymour, 

Wild and Free

May 23, 2017

Join Sabrina Fritts as she discusses how some relationships end sooner than expected and it's at those times that you have the honor of reflecting upon the deeper meaning of the connection and the blessings received.

Standing Up - Speaking Out

May 16, 2017

Join Laurie Seymour, Gitanjali Hemp and Aparna Sain, from the Wisdom Talk collective, as they dive deep into the theme of speaking your truth. It is not always easy to do. It's even harder to do it with love. Yet it means the difference between closing down in silence and claiming the truth of your own voice.

- the necessity of inner and outer alignment

- the power of your voice

- the fluidity of truth

- how to stand in the field of love

- how we are being asked to stand up for what is true

Homeless Veteran to CEO: Join Jordon Kestner

May 11, 2017

Join host, Aparna Sain with Jordon Kestner as he shares his inspiring story of building Warrior Within Athletics.  Jordon's company hires homeless veterans for hand-crafting apparel. Jordon's has helped many people achieve their goals on fitness and life transformation.

For more information check out his website -

To reach Aparna Sain, 

See a Problem, Create a Solution: A Conversation with Healthiest’s Crystal Brown

May 2, 2017

Crystal_Brown_photo.jpgCrystal Brown is a visionary on a mission. She is a committed activist who has set out to change the face of health care. Her first step is with Healthiest, an e-commerce company dedicated to selling only the healthiest products in the world, doing the research for you to make great product choices.

Join host Laurie Seymour as she takes you on this journey of one woman's advocacy and passion for the good of all of us. "If it's hard, that's different than it it's impossible."

 Crystal has generously provided our listeners with a 20% discount! Use coupon code healthiest20 at 

The Joy of Conscious Eating with Marianne McGuire

April 25, 2017

Join host Marianne McGuire of Let Go and Know as she shares some really valuable tips and ideas on Conscious Eating.

She explores a different way of looking at healthy eating, for example:

If you want to eat in a more healthy way but feel overwhelmed at where to start, not denying yourself or eliminating anything from your diet can help!

Why your motivation for choosing to eat in a healthy way might actually be damaging.

The number 1 superfood and herb/spice to take that can have life-changing results.

The easiest way to grow your own food even if you have very little space.


With...Marianne McGuire of Let Go and Know.

Finding Inspiration During Challenging Times with Sabrina Fritts

April 24, 2017

What do you do when your inspiration is nowhere to be found and the deadline is upon you?  If you're like me, you put color on your hair and record a podcast.


Sabrina Fritts:

How to Create Spaciousness by Saying Yes to Yourself

April 18, 2017

In today's podcast the WTR collective unpacks ways to say YES to yourself. They look at where you now say no to yourself in all sorts of ways and how to turn those into the celebration of yes.

With hosts Laurie Seymour, Gitanjali Hemp, Sabrina Fritts, Aparna Sain and Marianne McGuire.

A Prayer for Spaciousness

April 15, 2017

Join Melanie Dewberry and Gitanjali Hemp for this short, sweet channeled prayer. They share Love and Blessings and Wisdom to help you take the time to drop into your center and make room for yourself. 

Learn more:

About Melanie here

About Gitanjali here



Wisdom is Your Birth Right

April 7, 2017

Join Gitanjali Hemp, the founder and creator of Syntara System, as she takes you to the place that your Wisdom dwells. And shows you how to open to your own knowing. Re-kindling the dying art of receptivity and reflection. Discovering the potency of living your life as an offering, a question and a prayer. 

Syntara Sytem is a deeply integrative energy healing modality and modal that cultivates stability, and a capacity to thrive, in the context of these wild and changing times we're living in. 


Freedom is on the Other Side of the Stories You Tell Yourself with Laurie Seymour

April 1, 2017

Join host Laurie Seymour as she opens the door to the freedom that lives beyond the stories you tell yourself.

Self-talk, over time, solidifies into stories. The stories you tell yourself about who you are become who you are. The stories you tell yourself about life, become your life.

Perhaps the most damaging story that you can tell yourself is that freedom is not possible.

Confidence comes in the connection with your unshakable inner core.

With...Laurie Seymour of The Baca Journey.

The Benefits Of Embracing The Conscious Masculine & Feminine In Our Lives with Marianne McGuire

March 28, 2017

Join Marianne McGuire as she explores the play of the conscious masculine and feminine in our lives.


"We have within us both masculine and feminine aspects; the glorious peace comes when we embrace and embody both the conscious masculine and the conscious feminine, then unite and go beyond. We can marry the two to experience the fullness of who we are."


With...Marianne McGuire of Let Go and Know

When to Hold On and How to Let Go

March 14, 2017

The act of carrying and giving birth to a child mirrors the process of giving birth to something new---be it a project, product, company or something else entirely. How do you know when you need to hold on, containing the energy so that it has time to gestate? Are you willing and ready to let it go into the world and fly when it is ready?

The Wisdom Talk Radio hosts pool their collective wisdom to explore the art of giving life to and letting your creation go out into the world.

With Laurie Seymour, Gitanjali Hemp, Sabrina Fritts, Carolyn Turner and Marianne McGuire.

Do you have to feel it to heal it?

March 11, 2017

Join GItanjali Hemp, founder of Syntara System, in this podcast as she shares how she answers the question that countless students and clients ask...... 'Do you have to feel all of your pain and suffering in order to heal it?'

Her answer breaks down the alchemy of transmuting your wounds into wisdom. She speaks about bypass & wallowing and how to find the sweet spot between the two. 

She also shares some simple tools on how to build resource and stability, creating context and resilience in one's self. 

Find out more at


The Spiral Path: A Conversation with Pilgrim Sarah Hoskin Clymer

March 4, 2017

Sarah_Hoslin_Clymer.jpgHave you ever dreamed of making a pilgrimage on a sacred path, perhaps the famous Camino de Santiago? Join host Laurie Seymour as she delves into the Mysteries of spiral path pilgrimages, ley lines and serpentine spiral energy paths with Sarah Hoskin Clymer. Sarah walked the Camino when she turned 50.

Sarah Hoskin Clymer is a pilgrim.  She loves to walk. She walks almost daily, on local hiking trails in Colorado, on the ancient pilgrimage paths along the "dragon" ley lines of the Earth especially in Spain, England, and Cornwall, and on sacred spiral paths such as labyrinths. She walks to come home to herself, and the truth of who she truly is, to connect with the Earth and Spirit, and to live her life aligned with her soul's path. Her intention is always to walk In Love, As Love, For Love. 

Sarah leads Spiral Path Pilgrimage Walks & Retreats in Cornwall and Avalon in southwest England, as well as local labyrinth and Chakra Walks in Boulder, Colorado. She is currently creating a Bed & Breakfast Urban Retreat in her lovely 100-year old farmhouse that ​actually has two spiral paths ​- a labyrinth and a spiral Chakra Path ​on the property.

Connect with Sarah at

with Laurie Seymour