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Conversation with Shanti Medina - Awaken Your Mind-Body Intelligence

October 12, 2016


Join Laurie and Shanti as they explore the power of self-directing your own nervous system. Shanti explains that there is a moment of Presence that is available during trauma, that can allow you to use conscious awareness through your body as a barometer. Shanti takes us through an experience of her "Just this Breath" technique that can open doors for deeper  embodied living. Simply put, you can remember your true nature through the breath.

Shanti Medina is the founder of Body Current®, a proven application of simple somatosensory practices and entrainment principles to empower self-realization and embodied living with each breath. She is a Certified Neurosculpting®Facilitator and Yoga Therapist sharing her Body Current curriculum as a presenter at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health as well as faculty for the Neurosculpting Institute Facilitator Certification. 

Find out more about Shanti at www.EnergizeShanti.com 

 With...Laurie Seymour