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Conversation with Nicola Millington: Business as a Creative Form

August 30, 2016

Nicola Millington founded the UK-based marketing company, FP Comms with the tagline of "Marketing with Love." It was quite an unusual choice when she first opened--she wasn't sure people would understand it, But she knew it was right for the company she was building. It is the essence of how she does business.

Nicola says, "Brave people make changes by doing something that does not feel wrong, but it does feel uncomfortable.Yet it's the right thing to do. You don't even feel brave. You just do it." 

Listen in to Carolyn, Laurie and Nicola muse about finding the strength of your own voice and trusting it, how hard it can be to build a great business ("Richard Branson didn't tell the whole truth of it."), marketing for bloggers and what young entrepreneurs need.

Find out more at FPComms.uk.co.

With hosts Laurie Seymour and Carolyn Turner.