Standing Up - Speaking Out

May 16, 2017

Join Laurie Seymour, Gitanjali Hemp and Aparna Sain, from the Wisdom Talk collective, as they dive deep into the theme of speaking your truth. It is not always easy to do. It's even harder to do it with love. Yet it means the difference between closing down in silence and claiming the truth of your own voice.

- the necessity of inner and outer alignment

- the power of your voice

- the fluidity of truth

- how to stand in the field of love

- how we are being asked to stand up for what is true


How to Create Spaciousness by Saying Yes to Yourself

April 18, 2017

In today's podcast the WTR collective unpacks ways to say YES to yourself. They look at where you now say no to yourself in all sorts of ways and how to turn those into the celebration of yes.

With hosts Laurie Seymour, Gitanjali Hemp, Sabrina Fritts, Aparna Sain and Marianne McGuire.


When to Hold On and How to Let Go

March 14, 2017

The act of carrying and giving birth to a child mirrors the process of giving birth to something new---be it a project, product, company or something else entirely. How do you know when you need to hold on, containing the energy so that it has time to gestate? Are you willing and ready to let it go into the world and fly when it is ready?

The Wisdom Talk Radio hosts pool their collective wisdom to explore the art of giving life to and letting your creation go out into the world.

With Laurie Seymour, Gitanjali Hemp, Sabrina Fritts, Carolyn Turner and Marianne McGuire.


The Critical Key of Discernment for Living a Life that Works

February 15, 2017

Discernment brings deep knowingness to living a life of purpose and inner connection. Join hosts Laurie Seymour, Aparna Sain, Marianne McGuire, Sabrina Fritts and Gitanjali Hemp as they explore the potent value of learning discernment.

Develop the critical ability to discern the truth of another's words, to know when inner guidance comes from the truest part of yourself, to feel the difference between judgment and discernment and to choose well.


Finding Peace Amidst the Chaos

January 18, 2017

Chaos is the beginning of all creation. Out of chaos comes manifestation! Listen in as the Wisdom Talk Radio hosts come together to riff on the power of the breath, finding humor, building resilience, the importance of beauty and pleasure and the gift of surrender.

With Laurie Seymour, Sabrina Fritts, Carolyn Turner, Gitanjali Hemp and Aparna Sain.


Celebrating the Light

December 13, 2016

Go beyond expectations and perfect pictures, allow yourself time to care for yourself and receive inspiration for simplicity and gifts of love. Take a breath, settle in and allow a renewed sense of the light of the season.

With hosts Sabrina Fritts, Marianne McGuire, Laurie Seymour, Gitanjali Hemp and Aparna Sain.


Sustainable Creativity

September 16, 2016

Join Laurie, Sabrina, Gitanjali and Marianne as they share their discoveries about sustaining creativity in each moment. They explore the power of nature, self-care and life balance, inner listening, the feeling body, connecting with what you love and more. 

Creative energy is always available. We are always connected, even when we forget. 


With...Laurie Seymour, Sabrina Fritts, Gitanjali Hemp and Marianne McGuire.

The Hero’s Journey: Hearing the Call

August 1, 2016

The inner call...a call to change, a call to adventure, a call to dive deep into yourself. 

How does the inner call appear in life? How do you respond? Listen in as we talk about the ways that the "call" has shown up for us. How paying attention allows you to hear the call of your own life.


With...Marianne McGuire, Sabrina Fritts, Gitanjali Hemp, Carolyn Turner, Aparna Sain and Laurie Seymour

Radical Acceptance

July 30, 2016
Join us for this wonderful sharing of what "Radical Acceptance" means for each of us. Learn how to apply it in your life now, to embrace the moment and to feel more alive.


With...Aparna Sain, Marianne McGuire, Gitanjali Hemp and Laurie Seymour. 

Surrender to Who You Really Are

July 14, 2016

What does surrender mean to you? Where do breakthroughs come from? How do you bring your true self into the present moment? 

Listen in as we explore control, fear, vulnerability and the power of trust.

With...Sabrina Fritts, Gitanjali Hemp and Laurie Seymour

New Beginnings

July 12, 2016

Welcome to Wisdom Talk Radio! In honor of our first podcast, today we’re taking a multi-voiced dive into what it takes to be present with new beginnings in our lives. 

We’re talking about moments where we’ve stepped out of our everyday lives in a big way, broken our own mold.

What does it take to begin again? Is it really a NEW beginning? Or something you’ve been wanting and waiting for your whole life? 

With...Laurie Seymour, Carolyn Turner, Marianne McGuire, Aparna Sain, Sabrina Fritts and Gitanjali Hemp.